This guy I just do not like

This guy I do not like, he pops his head up every now and then just irritate those around him. He really gets on my nerves, his anger is so hot he just can’t let it go, he is unreasonable, he is mean, he is just one unhappy individual. And I tell him he has no reason to be this way. His life aint bad, it is a heck of a lot better than many others. He has a wife, great kids, and a roof over his head. But he just wants to focus on what is wrong, why everything aint perfect, why he doesn’t have more, why he is not more successful, doesn’t have more money. It seems like no matter what he does he never feels like it is enough.
It is a really good thing I do not spend that much time looking in the mirror or I might see him even more often than I do.


World Judo day was yesterday

Last night we celebrated World Judo Day. It was an awesome night with great people celebrating a tremendous art form. The thing I like most about our Judo club is that it really is more about developing individuals with strong positive character traits. The sport and defensive aspects of Judo and Jujitsu are integral to what we do but they are secondary to building better people.
Being a person who needs to focus on being better, at more things than I care to count, I struggle with that part of Judo. Sometimes I just want to focus on the technical aspects, the throws, the strikes, the locks I love the physical side of Judo and Jujitsu, and they tend to come easier for me. Since I have started with this group and had to focus more on working with younger people I have seen the amazing potential the martial arts have in making kids, and adults, better people.
In the end the ability to hurt someone is really not that hard to achieve. We all tend to be able to do that with no need for training at all. Being able to lift someone up and build each other, now that is an art worth learning.


She left the house today
My little girl
Tomorrow when she comes home she will be on a new path.
Maybe the same path but with a new direction
Not the one I wanted but the one she chose.
For better or for worse when she comes home again she will a soldier.
My little girl she will always be, but tomorrow she will be so much more.


I used to write these all the time. I have not done so in years. Forgot how much fun they could be.

Foggy Darkness Thick
Around me flows thick darkness
Sunrise burns off fog

Answered prayer

I am an idiot. I spent the better part of two years fighting insomnia. Insomnia caused by a medication I was on. I went through a string of meds that were supposed to help me sleep. Some did some didn’t but if they helped me sleep the side effects where far worse than the ailment they were supposed to fix. So in my infinite wisdom I started drinking every night in order to get some sleep. It was not a problem it was just the only thing I found that would help me shut down enough to get some sleep.
My doctors and I went back and forth over what was better for me. Their meds that caused me to miss more work and gave me physical and mental side effects that, to me, where far worse than whatever the booze might be doing. The docs thought there way was the better way and that I would just get used to the side effects or they would go away once I had been on the meds for a while.
Guess what, we were both wrong. After going through the nightmares of the meds and the coast of the booze I finally did the one thing I should have done to start with.
I prayed. I prayed and prayed and prayed some more. I asked for guidance and wisdom and peace, and above all I asked for sleep. And guess what happened. I got sleep. I got guidance. I got peace. Wisdom my family might argue with but that’s ok. Does this mean I will never suffer from insomnia again, no? Does this mean that every night I get as much sleep as I want, no? But it does mean that right now I have been getting enough, and that is enough for me.
It also means that the next time I need help I will start with prayer. I will listen to my docs but I will put prayer first.

Elections are a comin

It is that time again folks. We have another election coming up here in Missouri on August 5 2014. There are several amendments to the Missouri Constitution on the ballot. Having read all of the amendments myself I am providing a link to the Missouri Sec O State so you may read them as well.

Please go and read these amendments before August 5th. Please feel free to discuss the implications of each issue here with others. It is important we all know what is proposed and what implications these changes may have on the citizens of Missouri.

At this time I am not posting my feelings on any of the proposed amendments. Once you have read them then lets discuss them here. Let us hope that through the opportunities we have through social media we can focus on things other than kittens and cartoons and use this technology to help build a high information crowd who through careful deliberation and thoughtful conversation can make the decisions that will best guide our State. Then we can work on the rest of the nation.

SCOTUS got it right, finally

I have seen some significant feelings displayed in regard to the SCOTUS decision about Hobby Lobby and Obamacare. I was a little surprised about this because I have to say this is one time the SCOTUS got it right.

The Affordable Care Act made it mandatory that companies had to provide birth-control, even if the company is privately owned and has strong religious convictions against birth-control. The fact that the ACA actually made it mandatory that we all have health insurance and was upheld by SCOTUS is an abomination, as far as I am concerned, is beside the point. The Federal Government should have no say into what kind of insurance, if any, an employer must provide.

Is health insurance a good thing? Yes of course it is. Should it be mandatory that you have it? No, the Feds should not be compelling citizens to purchase anything. That goes beyond the scope of what the United States Constitution allows. But SCOTUS got that decision wrong. Then to mandate that people had to violate their religious beliefs to comply with a federal statute encroaches on the Feds establishing what religious values it agrees with. That is in violation of one of the big 10.

If the people of the United States elect officials who promise universal health care, and then in fact get government run health care, well then we have other issues. As of now this is a good decision by the SCOTUS. It is not about hating on women, as so many seem to think, it is about Constitutional responsibility. Something recent administrations and SCOTUS justices have ignored for some reason.

We have a process. It is not great, far from perfect actually, hey for that matter it is being ran far from how it should be based upon what the framers had in mind, but we have one. If you do not like the beliefs of the people running a business, do not frequent that business. Do not get mad because they stood up for the rights guaranteed under the Constitution and actually struck a blow for freedom. Get mad about a government overstepping its legal boundaries. If you do not believe the same way I do, great you have that right, and you do not have the right to force me as a business owner to comply with your beliefs. If you do not like mine feel free to take your business elsewhere. Better yet start your own business based upon your values and compete with me. I know free market, what a concept.

For now be happy that SCOTUS actually stood up for the Constitution. It has not been doing so and we are suffering for it. We need elected officials who will actually read, and understand the Constitution, and when necessary, change it. Change it using the process laid out in the Constitution.

If you do not like the Constitution feel free to leave, there are lots of other places you can go.