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Been awhile

As any one who has followed this blog knows, I have not been writing much. Or at all.

It is time that changed. I expect the subjects of my writing will follow in some pretty ecclectic catagories. I plan to write some on Judo and Jujitsu as well as Tai Chi. I am sure I will continyue to write about mental health and substance use disorders. I will write about Veteran issues and once I figure out how will possibly post some video.

I will also write about issues of faith. I will post haiku and other forms of poetry and probably talk about my dogs, coffee, and family.



She left the house today
My little girl
Tomorrow when she comes home she will be on a new path.
Maybe the same path but with a new direction
Not the one I wanted but the one she chose.
For better or for worse when she comes home again she will a soldier.
My little girl she will always be, but tomorrow she will be so much more.


I used to write these all the time. I have not done so in years. Forgot how much fun they could be.

Foggy Darkness Thick
Around me flows thick darkness
Sunrise burns off fog