Archive | May 2017

Evening sun

Here I am sitting in my front yard on a beautiful Sunday evening. The cat is on my lap, my dog is sniffing around and the birds are backed up by the tree frogs and occasional car passing in the distance. Summertime symphony at it’s best.

It is a time of quite contemplation and reflection. Taking in the joys of not having to do anything, and for me those times are few and far between. Oh there are things I could do. Possibly more productive than sitting on a bench in the front yard with a cat in my lap, although that is far preferable to him trying to sit on my shoulder. Or head.

The evening brings peace, something I realise I have been struggling with of late. It has been a wonderful weekend. I have spent time with friends, time with my church family, time in quite. Heck I even took a nap.

As wonderful as this is , as with all good things, it must come to an end. My leg is asleep and the dog want to play. It was cold while it lasted. 


New Day

Recently I decided to take a break from facebook. No need to go into it here, suffice to say I realized I was focusing on the wrong things. So after a nearly two year break from WordPress, I am back. I can tell you are relieved. I am not entirely sure what this is going to be, other than I plan to be more thoughtful and focus on more positive stuff. I think this is still set up to share on facebook so if you are reading this there I am here lol, so comments posted there for the foreseeable future at least will not be seen by me. And possibly comments made here will be ignored by me. I hope you enjoy the things I write or the images I share. I hope you find joy in what I share and I hope you are uplifted.

Be blessed