This guy I just do not like

This guy I do not like, he pops his head up every now and then just irritate those around him. He really gets on my nerves, his anger is so hot he just can’t let it go, he is unreasonable, he is mean, he is just one unhappy individual. And I tell him he has no reason to be this way. His life aint bad, it is a heck of a lot better than many others. He has a wife, great kids, and a roof over his head. But he just wants to focus on what is wrong, why everything aint perfect, why he doesn’t have more, why he is not more successful, doesn’t have more money. It seems like no matter what he does he never feels like it is enough.
It is a really good thing I do not spend that much time looking in the mirror or I might see him even more often than I do.


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About wyldewoody

I am a scholar and a preacher. I am a father, husband and friend. I have served my country and cussed my government and will continue to do both. I enjoy writing and you never know what you might find here in my posts. I will write about everything from my biblical opinion to scientific musings potentially bad stories to editorials about public policy and international affairs. I suppose that is blogging in general, if you like it great, if you don’t go somewhere else, if you disagree with me, great I love a good discussion. Hell might just find me ranting to the shadows in the corner. Kinda like I think I am doing now. And if my punctuation irritates you, that makes me happy.

One response to “This guy I just do not like”

  1. Russel Ray Photos says :

    All of my mirrors have doors on them which prevents that person from popping up unless I want him to by opening the door!………….LOL

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