World Judo day was yesterday

Last night we celebrated World Judo Day. It was an awesome night with great people celebrating a tremendous art form. The thing I like most about our Judo club is that it really is more about developing individuals with strong positive character traits. The sport and defensive aspects of Judo and Jujitsu are integral to what we do but they are secondary to building better people.
Being a person who needs to focus on being better, at more things than I care to count, I struggle with that part of Judo. Sometimes I just want to focus on the technical aspects, the throws, the strikes, the locks I love the physical side of Judo and Jujitsu, and they tend to come easier for me. Since I have started with this group and had to focus more on working with younger people I have seen the amazing potential the martial arts have in making kids, and adults, better people.
In the end the ability to hurt someone is really not that hard to achieve. We all tend to be able to do that with no need for training at all. Being able to lift someone up and build each other, now that is an art worth learning.


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