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Elections are a comin

It is that time again folks. We have another election coming up here in Missouri on August 5 2014. There are several amendments to the Missouri Constitution on the ballot. Having read all of the amendments myself I am providing a link to the Missouri Sec O State so you may read them as well.

Please go and read these amendments before August 5th. Please feel free to discuss the implications of each issue here with others. It is important we all know what is proposed and what implications these changes may have on the citizens of Missouri.

At this time I am not posting my feelings on any of the proposed amendments. Once you have read them then lets discuss them here. Let us hope that through the opportunities we have through social media we can focus on things other than kittens and cartoons and use this technology to help build a high information crowd who through careful deliberation and thoughtful conversation can make the decisions that will best guide our State. Then we can work on the rest of the nation.