I am an idiot

Probably I am no better, or worse, than anyone else when it comes to being an idiot. A good friend of mine often quotes “we are our own worst enemy, but we can also be our own best friend.” Ole Johnny is dead on in that sentiment. Sadly I often spend my time as my own worst enemy.

Even worse than being my own worst enemy I am also mostly a giant hypocrite in my day to day life. As a teacher, and a Pastor I am forever telling folks to pay attention. In my political Science classes I harp at my students to pay attention to what the government is doing, state, local, and federal. I admonish the folks in my congregation to pay attention to their spiritual lives, making sure they are focused on doing what God wants rather than what the world wants.

And here I am wondering around not paying attention to my own health. Something so simple and necessary and I blunder around being my own worst enemy. Simply put that although I have been paying much more attention to exercise, I walk 3-4 miles a day, well limp any way, and practice Judo once a week, not very well but as a disabled veteran with bad feet and a new knee I try to stay as physically active as I can.

But I have fallen into a trap, same trap that I have fallen into all my life, the food trap. I do not pay attention to what goes into my mouth. It took over forty years to learn to pay attention to what comes out of my mouth; I have had some success there. But by not paying attention to what I eat I have fallen into the habit that is most dangerous to me.

So with this little declaration of my own supreme idiocy and hypocrisy I give permission to all those who know me to feel free to slap cookies out of my hand if you see me eating one. On the plus side if that happens I will know you read this and on the plus, plus side it will help keep me accountable. So to myself I says PAY ATTENTION, feel free to remind me.


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About wyldewoody

I am a scholar and a preacher. I am a father, husband and friend. I have served my country and cussed my government and will continue to do both. I enjoy writing and you never know what you might find here in my posts. I will write about everything from my biblical opinion to scientific musings potentially bad stories to editorials about public policy and international affairs. I suppose that is blogging in general, if you like it great, if you don’t go somewhere else, if you disagree with me, great I love a good discussion. Hell might just find me ranting to the shadows in the corner. Kinda like I think I am doing now. And if my punctuation irritates you, that makes me happy.

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