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Loves all ya’all, truly I do

I have heard it said that we try to escape the madness of life through artificial means, like booze or drugs. I have learned through my life that indeed these things can give us the illusion of escape. But it is only an illusion. True relief from the madness of the world exists in a relationship with Christ. I mean a true life affirming commitment to turning your life over to Christ.

Is it easy? No it is not easy. It is far easier to use the crutch of booze, drugs, gambling, sex, porn whatever. Those are easy ways to escape for a little while. But the problems return as soon as the buzz or rush goes away. The only lasting true fix is to focus on something beyond the madness of the world, to focus on a life with Christ. Will that make the world and the problems go away, no. It gives us the tools we need to deal with the madness. It gives us the people and the tools we need to deal with the problems. Escape is not the answer, escape is only temporary.

A life with Christ is the answer, not the escape. A life with Christ is the tool to take care of the problem. A life with Christ is the path to a future worthwhile. It does not promise an easy road or a comfortable life. No place does scripture promise a life time of luxury. It does offer a life of purpose, and I will take that over luxury any day.

So today I share a little truth. Some will argue the point. Some will be angry I even said it. There will be some friends who I dearly love who will try to argue the point. I know that and pray for the day they truly know the love of Christ in their lives, even though I know it annoys the heck out of them that I would pursue such a course.

Loves all Ya ’all, truly I do


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