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Many of you will hate me for the statement I am about to make but it is something I must say.

All my Christmas shopping was done BEFORE Thanksgiving.
Yep all of it, done. I actually get to kick back and enjoy the Christmas Season.
Well at least that is what I thought I would be able to do. Instead now I am trying to block out every sale, every advertisement, and every amazing deal that is being thrown at me from every media outlet. It is unreal how for the first time in my life I was able to plan ahead far enough to know what my family wanted and to have it bought and set aside for Christmas. And now I am going to be punished because I did not put it off until Thanksgiving.
Are we now literally becoming a society that not only promotes procrastination but rewards it? Through the door buster deal that is designed to make people come in on Thanksgiving Day. It was bad enough when we followed our celebration of being thankful for what we have with the unofficial holiday of Black Friday to buy more stuff, now we have thrown the holiday out the window to go get more stuff. More stuff that we cannot afford, gotta love the credit card racket.
So now I hear about how I could have saved money on everything I bought if I had been willing to sacrifice the wonderful time I had with my family. Now I am encouraged to not only sacrifice my time with my family but also to force others to have to work away from their family so they can wait on me while I wait on the price to drop.
How about I just keep doing what I did. Buy the gifts ahead of time so I can enjoy time with my family and you can enjoy time with yours.
Let’s slow down and remember that this time of year is not about buying stuff we have to spend the rest of the year paying for that we mostly didn’t need in the first place. Let’s slow down and remember what the point of the Christmas season is about. And maybe, just maybe our blood pressure goes down, our joy goes up and we all enjoy a little peace on earth. At least until New Year’s Eve, then you’re on your own




Vietnam Veterans Outraged Over Navy Christening Of USS Jane Fonda

This breaks my heart that we would do something this disrespectful to the veterans of Vietnam. Unthinkable

Maiden on the Midway


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Both the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars issued a joint statement today condemning the U.S. Navy over the launch of its newest

USS Jane Fonda

warship, the USS Jane Fonda.“Without getting into Jane Fonda’s activities during the Vietnam War, we feel that it is highly inappropriate to name a warship after an actress with no ties to the military,” said James Mitchell, a spokesman for both groups.The ship’s name, which had been kept under wraps until right before the launch, was revealed yesterday at a star-studded event presided over by Ms. Fonda.

Ms. Fonda made a statement prior to the launch, saying, “I dedicate this ship to the brave men who fought and died in Vietnam, especially those in the 66th Viet Cong Regiment.”The actress is extremely unpopular among some military groups for her activities during the Vietnam War, such as posing for propaganda pictures with North…

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