A new name for arrogance

Obama challenged the GOP to end political brinkmanship and said Republicans should “win an election” if they so badly wish to change his policies.
Pretty sure that is why the House of Representatives is out of the hands of the Presidents party
Obama followed up by stating that the public is “fed up” with what government is doing.
Fed up does not even begin to cover it but I for one am fed up with this President abusing the American people when he wants to make a point. I am fed up with this Presidents abuse of authority. I am really fed up with the incredible lack of purpose in the Republican Party, the lack of direction and even worse the total lack of unity.
I do not expect the Republicans and Democrats to get along; hell I do not want them to get along. We have way to damn much unity between the parties as it is. We need more parties who are willing to disagree and fight for what they believe in. As long as the main belief is not that they need to remain in office.
He continued his speech by stating that if “You don’t like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election,”
This line is a crock, obviously elections were won or the Democrats would still be in control of the House. How dare he make the statement about arguing a position when he is the one who refused to negotiate?
He blamed the Republicans for the shutdown. The House did its job, under and impressive lack of leadership from the Executive branch I might add. Since the House is tasked by the Constitution to pass the budget and in their arrogance they did, it is somehow on them that he refused it. Refused to even talk about it. Refused to offer a budget and refused to even look at what they did. Arrogance has a new name and it is Obama
Obama went on to argue that “nothing has done more to damage our standing with other countries than the spectacle we’ve seen the last three weeks,” which he continued had “encouraged” America’s enemies as a byproduct.
Nothing has done more to damage our standing in America than the Charlie Foxtrot that is this administration. The greatest encouragement to our enemies comes from this White House when he is willing to arm our enemies and refuses to stand with our allies. This President turned his back on our own consulate in Benghazi but within a week of a shopping mall in Kenya being attacked we had multiple Spec Ops hitting targets in Africa
Obama had the nerve to ask Congress to “stop focusing on the lobbyists and the bloggers, the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict”
Yes heaven forbid they listen to anyone outside the talking heads of the regime. Ignore the man behind the curtain and obey the mighty Obama. For heaven sake ignore those malcontent citizens whose opinions differ from Democrats.
Obama mentioned three priorities: a budget, immigration reform and a farm bill.
Obama mentioned a budget. Really, that is interesting considering he has not proposed one. Considering this year is the first time in 90 freaking years a president did not submit a budget to Congress. Immigration reform, let’s call it what it is, amnesty. How about enforcing the laws and punishing businesses that are using illegals to avoid following the law. How about rather than just opening our borders we enforce those “laws of the land” the President likes to tout as being so important. Or maybe he just wants the laws that are named after him to follow; obviously those are the only laws that matter.
And the Farm Bill, this process must be overhauled today. The Farm bill has somehow become all about damn near everything but the Farmers. There is so much crap in the Farm Bill that does not belong there it aint even funny.
Heaven help us cause government aint gonna do it. But then again they aint supposed too, I would be thrilled if Government would just do the things the Constitution and its subsequent amendments require it to do. Wow what a concept


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