Ah The smell of politics in the morning

Truly this administration makes me sicker to my stomach than the last one. And I did not think that was possible. Guess that’s what I get for saying things like “well at least it can’t get any worse.”

Obviously I was mistaken. The White House and the Democrats in Congress stand with what must be the most arrogant attitude I have seen in a long time. I know to be a politician takes a certain level of egotism and arrogance but this is ridiculous.
I keep hearing on the news how Obama does not need to negotiate with the Republicans in Congress. Now just to remind folks those Republicans in Congress represent the people who sent them there, you know you and me. So what the President is really saying is that anyone who does not agree with what he wants can go take a flying leap. He does not care; his egotism is the type that leads to despotism, especially when surrounded by others like Reed and Pelosi, despotism just waiting to step toward tyranny. Do not kid yourselves if this administration thought for a second it could remove fire arms i.e. means of resistance, from the hands of those who disagree with it, they would. Hell they have tried.

This battle and subsequent shutdown are not just about the misguided power grab that is Obamacare. This is about how the minority in Congress continues to hold some level of power. I beg the members of Congress who are standing against this administration, please do not back down. Keep the fires going, keep the government closed. A few more days, 15 actually at this writing and the debt ceiling come up. Then the fires burn brighter and more political fodder is incinerated to the ash heap of bloated governmental egos.

Let this administration feel the heat, make them bend, not break, bend. Until this president at least understands he has to negotiate with Americans before he continues negotiating, oh and arming, criminals, terrorists and other enemies of America. This man’s attitude and potential for damage to this country is exactly why the Second Amendment to the Constitution must never be taken for granted.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled transmissions lol


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I am a scholar and a preacher. I am a father, husband and friend. I have served my country and cussed my government and will continue to do both. I enjoy writing and you never know what you might find here in my posts. I will write about everything from my biblical opinion to scientific musings potentially bad stories to editorials about public policy and international affairs. I suppose that is blogging in general, if you like it great, if you don’t go somewhere else, if you disagree with me, great I love a good discussion. Hell might just find me ranting to the shadows in the corner. Kinda like I think I am doing now. And if my punctuation irritates you, that makes me happy.

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