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I have been nominated for a Liebster award by Tony Roberts at

I may, or not be doing this right but as I understand it I am to tag back he who nominated me, answer the questions posted, nominate others and post new questions. So here we go.
What is your favorite punctuation mark?
Exclamation point!!! Rarely used but never misunderstood got to love it. Although? runs a close second because yes I am a Dr. Who fan.

Do you really believe man walked on the moon or have you come to accept the reality that it was a very elaborate Hollywood hoax?

What brand of toothpaste do you use and why?
Prefer Toms of Maine, sustainable business practices turn me on.

Can you listen to John Prine (above) without smiling and/or Zoe Muth (above) without crying in your beer? (If yes) Are you human?
Sorry I am not familiar with either. My music tastes are pretty eclectic; right now I have been enjoying Promise of the real

Do you prefer print books or e-readers?
Print books right now, just started using an e-reader so ask again in 6 months

Share a quote that you find inspiring.

If you write, what is the title of your work in progress? If not, what book are you currently reading?
I write but never seem to finish. I have some stories I am working on but tend to write more editorial/opinion pieces

Favorite Beatle? (John, Paul, George, or Ringo) Why?
What not even giving Pete Best as an option? That’s not right. I am partial to the water beetle, fascinating creature.

What group of workers do you believe actually deserves to make what top entertainers and athletes make?
Hmmm tough one, no not really no one deserves that kind of money. Many should be paid more than they get but really, multi-million dollar sign on bonuses. Crazy

Name one poster you put on your wall growing up.
ELVIRA!!!!! (See I told you, you can’t ignore the exclamation

Ok so here are my questions for those I nominate or whoever else might wish to answer

Who would you consider a hero?

Why would you consider them a hero

Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla

How do you take your coffee

Aside from work what is something you attend on a regular baisis i.e. Church, club, organization, govt whatever

How many blogs do you read a day, on average

favorite news source

Why do you write

Why Blog

Beatles, Stones or Willie?

and now for my nominees


Syria oh Syria

Seems like a no brainer. If we believe the media hype all we need to do is shoot a couple missiles into Syria, disrupt the Governments command and control structure and the mean old Syrian Army will stop killing the civilians, it just aint so folks. This aint Star Wars the Rebel Alliance is not full of friendly beings in search of Democracy and Freedom. And although I enjoy the comparison Obama is not the evil emperor (Kinda).

Obama says he has no desire to bring down the Assad Government, but feels that we need to send Assad a time out via cruise missile. So now we are planning to strike against the legal (no matter how bad) government of Syria in support of Al Queada. Yes that’s right Al Queada and the Muslim Brotherhood are in Syria fighting against the Government. So while we are fighting against them everywhere else we are now on the verge of supporting them in Syria. Stop and reread that last sentence and think about it for a minute then go take an asprin because your head probably hurts, Lord knows mine does.

I have the highest of hopes that Congress will say no and at least give us a way to put this mess of a little longer. I am afraid that regardless of what happens we are going to strike against the Syrian government. I fear that this administration will strive to bring it down. And I truly fear what may replace it. Lets be honest folks no matter how you slice it it comes out nuts.

Please, let those we have elected know how you feel. This is a time to act.