So today we learn the PFC Manning wants to become a woman. I would have titled this post WTH but I used that one yesterday.

My first question is why this is a headline. I have no problem with LBGT whatever. Live your life make peace with God in your own way I am not here to judge how you live your life. Actually I have always been very pleased that my Christian faith prohibits me from judging anyone. Not my job. My job is to love everyone as I love myself. First step there was learning to love myself; first step there was trying to become someone I wanted to love. I digress; this of course is a topic for another post.
Back to this post, why in a world filled with so many more stories that we should be focused on is this even news. His sexual orientation is irrelevant. His actions as a member of the US Army are relevant and he has been tried and judged for them by the court. Now he goes to prison and should be real thankful we do not hang traitors any more.

So I ask the media at large when we have Monsanto, and Benghazi, and drone strikes, and missing children and modern day slavery, why is this one man’s desire to be a woman news worthy? Is it just the constant barrage of distractions that the media wants to throw our way to keep us from looking deeper into the real problems in our society? Are we so desperate that this news is a headline over the abduction and murder of a 12 year old kid in rural Missouri? Are we now so used to the idea of our children being the prey of animals that we have to be spoon fed crap about a man who is a convicted traitor who wants to change his sex?

My God folks we need to wake up, the world is a place of incomparable joy and unspeakable horror. We need to focus on helping build the joy and combat the horror. We need to show that distractions like this have no place in the news. Really who cares if Manning wants to be known as Chelsea or Loretta or Ferdinand?

What does matter is how we find ways to show each other love. And build a world with more joy than horror.


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I am a scholar and a preacher. I am a father, husband and friend. I have served my country and cussed my government and will continue to do both. I enjoy writing and you never know what you might find here in my posts. I will write about everything from my biblical opinion to scientific musings potentially bad stories to editorials about public policy and international affairs. I suppose that is blogging in general, if you like it great, if you don’t go somewhere else, if you disagree with me, great I love a good discussion. Hell might just find me ranting to the shadows in the corner. Kinda like I think I am doing now. And if my punctuation irritates you, that makes me happy.

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