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Obviously I aint there yet

Maj. Nidal Hasan has been found guilty for 13 murders. His actions have made him eligible for the death sentence. I am not a supporter of the death penalty, for a reason many may be confused buy. I am a Christian. I believe that as long as we are alive we have the opportunity for redemption. We have the opportunity to repent of our sins and live through Christ.

That being said I have to say that if indeed this man is given the death sentence I will not lose any sleep over it. I have no problem with his faith, I have no problem with his profession, I have a problem with the fact that he chose to, in his words, switch sides in the war on terror. This puts him in a special category of traitor. This was a man who as a Doctor took an oath to do no harm, he also took an oath to support and defend the USA. His actions violated everything, including his faith, that he should have held dear.

And to make it even worse the damning testimony from others who heard him say that if he was deployed the Army would pay. So in reality this has nothing to do with this man’s faith it has everything to do with him being a coward. Is that judgmental of me to say, yes it is. Am I supposed to pass judgment on someone? Nope not my job. Am I struggling with this one? Damn straight I am.

Part of me wants to see this guy hang, no injection, no humane death, just hang. I need to find it in my heart to let go of the anger. And learn to forgive this traitorous bastard who took the lives of those he was supposed to be helping.

Obviously I aint there yet, pray for my forgiveness as well


Is Your Job a Mismatch for Your Gifts?

needed this one

Lord, lead me everyday

Today I am reading day 195 of Rick Warren’s Daily Devotional:

Is Your Job a Mismatch for Your Gifts?

1 Corinthians 7:17 Nevertheless, each person should live as a believer in whatever situation the Lord has assigned to them, just as God has called them. This is the rule I lay down in all the churches.

God does not expect you to glorify Him with gifts you don’t have. But He does expect you to glorify Him with gifts you do have.

To fulfill God’s will for your life, you need work that expresses what God made you to be. If you’re in a job that is not using the talents, gifts, abilities, and interests that God gave you, you may want to pray about whether or not you’re in a mismatched job.

This is a serious problem, and it’s a spiritual issue. It is far more important than…

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So today we learn the PFC Manning wants to become a woman. I would have titled this post WTH but I used that one yesterday.

My first question is why this is a headline. I have no problem with LBGT whatever. Live your life make peace with God in your own way I am not here to judge how you live your life. Actually I have always been very pleased that my Christian faith prohibits me from judging anyone. Not my job. My job is to love everyone as I love myself. First step there was learning to love myself; first step there was trying to become someone I wanted to love. I digress; this of course is a topic for another post.
Back to this post, why in a world filled with so many more stories that we should be focused on is this even news. His sexual orientation is irrelevant. His actions as a member of the US Army are relevant and he has been tried and judged for them by the court. Now he goes to prison and should be real thankful we do not hang traitors any more.

So I ask the media at large when we have Monsanto, and Benghazi, and drone strikes, and missing children and modern day slavery, why is this one man’s desire to be a woman news worthy? Is it just the constant barrage of distractions that the media wants to throw our way to keep us from looking deeper into the real problems in our society? Are we so desperate that this news is a headline over the abduction and murder of a 12 year old kid in rural Missouri? Are we now so used to the idea of our children being the prey of animals that we have to be spoon fed crap about a man who is a convicted traitor who wants to change his sex?

My God folks we need to wake up, the world is a place of incomparable joy and unspeakable horror. We need to focus on helping build the joy and combat the horror. We need to show that distractions like this have no place in the news. Really who cares if Manning wants to be known as Chelsea or Loretta or Ferdinand?

What does matter is how we find ways to show each other love. And build a world with more joy than horror.

WTH People?????

We have a serious problem in this country and guess what it is not race.

Ok now I am sure more than one person just got worked up. How dare a 40 something white guy from a rural area comment on racial problems. Well guess what folks the only race we should be worried about is the human one. Skin color is not relevant. We must understand when young men in this country decide to take the life of another man because they are bored we have bigger problems.
Until we all pull our heads out of our collective butts and start treating each other with a little respect we should just let the cockroaches take over. At this point I feel they might be able to run a better candidate than the Republican Party has in a long time. Not that the Democrats have done much better.

Seriously until we grasp that we are one community and start caring about each other and putting petty crap behind us it is not going to get better. Until we start teaching the sanctity of human life, every human life, we are doomed to facing the same crap every day. It does not matter if we are talking about atrocities in Africa, Syria, Iraq or any place in the US, until we stop looking at each other like targets to be eliminated we will continue being part of the problem.

Islam, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Agnostic or Atheist we are all people, it is time we start acting a little bit better. Hell right now I am petitioning to remove myself as a member of the human race and transferring myself to the animal kingdom. At least then if I am killed by another animal it is to be food. Not because a Bear got bored.

I just don’t know…

Yesterday was so hard. We said good bye to a dear, dear young lady who was taken from us far too soon. I cried, Hell I cried a lot, more for my own loss and the loss of so many others whose life she touched. To see a funeral home out in the country overflowing with people who loved her was moving. Knowing of the many others who could not be there was even more so. To say she will be missed is an understatement.

And then as I was driving home some things became clear to me. First was how this 22 year old woman had touched so many lives in such a wonderfully positive way. She had a positive attitude toward everything, to the point it was infectious. You could not help but be happy when you spent time with her. Second was how much I truly missed spending time with all the young people I used to work with. I do not know if being around them made me feel younger or, more likely, since most would consider me a bit immature for my age (46) I just fit in well with them. Or if because I have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy, who knows? All I know is that I miss them terribly. And thirdly I asked myself, just because we do not work together anymore why the hell does that keep us apart?

That last question made me pull my car off the road. It was so simple, yet so stupid of me. I mean we keep in touch through Facebook and other social media stuff, but let me tell you as good as social media can be it does not replace the joy of being in the presence of the people you care about. So as I sat on the side of the road (banging my head against the steering wheel) I had the beginnings of an idea.

Once a month or so I propose we have a get together. Possibly even have an annual Kelly Crawford event, something to raise money for St Jude’s maybe. This would give us a chance to, not only remember what we have lost in losing her, but more importantly to remember what we gained from her life.

Faith, Diet and food

Oh my welcome to my nightmare. Did you know that Vincent Fernier, better known as Alice Cooper occasionally teaches Sunday school, at least when not on tour or on the golf course. As you may guess the subject of food and the way we eat is a pretty important topic. Diet has been a major problem for me throughout my entire life. It was not too bad in High School, hell back then everybody wanted me to put on weight. Offensive lineman, Defensive lineman, wrestling in the heavy weight division man the buffet was my best friend. Once I got out of High School that changed a bit. Uncle Sugar did not feel the same way, so while I was in the Army I faced many challenges, but the one that I just could not overcome was my weight. I fought and fought I dieted and exercised and the battle of the bulge has been the greatest struggle I face, and still face. So when looking at Scripture as a guide to what I should eat to be healthy I have taken a much greater interest.

So lets start looking at the beginning again, Gen. 1:29. And God said, “Look! I have given you the seed-bearing plants throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food. Wow veggies and fruit, seems we just can’t get away from those. Remember this is in book one chapter one God gives us the hint. Now thankfully a little further in we get this gem, in Gen. 9:3 God gives us the go ahead for eating meat (wild game) in addition to grain and vegetables. Then in Gen.27: 1-8 we are told about eating not only wild game but also goat. In Gen 18:8 drinking milk and eating cheese is mentioned and in Gen. 43 we get honey, almonds and pistachios. In Lev. 19:23-25 makes mention of tree fruits first noted in the Garden of Eden in Gen. 3. Specific fruits are mentioned in Hos. 9:10 (fresh grapes and figs), Joel 1:12 (pomegranates, date palms, and apples) and in Hag. 2:19 (pomegranates, grapes, and figs, along with olives). Deut. 11:10 mentions vegetables. See also Num. 11:5, Prov. 15:17, Dan. 1:12, 16, and Rom. 14:2.
Deut. 14:11. You may eat any bird that is ceremonially clean. Thus poultry is in the approved biblical diet. See also 1 Kings 4:23 and Neh. 5:18.
2 Sam. 17:28 mentions beans and lentils. These are grain legumes that stand beside meat in the USDA Food Pyramid. See also 2 Sam. 23:11 and Ezek. 4:9.
Ps. 104:14-15. You [God] cause grass to grow for the cattle. You cause plants to grow for people to use. You allow them to produce food from the earth–wine to make them glad, olive oil as lotion for their skin, and bread to give them strength. The ancient Hebrew diet is thus outlined with unnamed livestock products (milk and meat) plus a primary diet based on wine, oil, and grains. The major importance of these last three groups is confirmed by Deut. 7:13, 2 Kings 18:32, and Neh. 5:11. Grain, oil, and wine are mentioned together 21 times in the ESV.
So we have been given an awesome variety of things we can eat to be healthy and guess what. Yep you guessed it we screwed it up.

We have taken the most awesome stuff God gives us and turned out things like Twinkies and hohos and turned great nurturing food into a commodity that we gamble on every day. We have convinced nations that can barley sustain themselves through agriculture that they must forgo growing food to sustain themselves but that they must instead grow food that can be sold on the international markets. How awesome is it that we introduce stuff they don’t want to eat to supply the extra stuff we want to eat and then convince them they are better off growing it for us and selling it on the international market and taking the money they make and buy from someone else the stuff they need to feed their own people. Does that sound pretty stupid to any one other than me?

When I was a kid and we occasionally went to various church dinners I always loved it. No place like a church potluck for some serious eating of awesome comfort food. As I got older and started to read the bible I was very confused about many of the Old Testament restrictions on diet. One that puzzled me greatly was the restriction on pork. I was more confused over the fact that at every church meal I had ever attended ham was always a main attraction. I asked people I knew why we ate stuff at church that the Old Testament told us we should not be eating. Sadly no one really new. I even asked a pastor once and he just said it was somewhere in the New Testament but he was not sure where. So I took it upon myself to do a little more research into this. I didn’t feel I should be eating something God said I should not, never mind that I had no problem ignoring so many other things I should have been paying attention to at that time. The thought of a life without bacon just didn’t seem right. So I found the places in the New Testament that freed us up from many of the restrictions placed upon us in regards to food in the Old Testament. First Jesus tells us that “You are not defiled by what you eat; … Food doesn’t come in contact with your heart, but only passes through the stomach and then comes out again.” That is Mark 7:15-19 and then even more specific in opening the culinary door to the wonderful world of pork products is in the book of Acts. Acts 10:11-16 to be exact “He [Peter] saw the sky open, and something like a large sheet was let down by its four corners. In the sheet were all sorts of animals, reptiles, and birds. Then a voice said to him, “Get up, Peter; kill and eat them.” “Never, Lord,” Peter, declared. “I have never in all my life eaten anything forbidden in our Jewish laws.” The voice spoke again, “If God says something is acceptable, don’t say it isn’t.” The same vision was repeated three times. Then the sheet was pulled up again to heaven.”

So there we have it God opened up everything for us as far as food goes. But why would he have put those restrictions on us in the first place. For that I would say there are many great reasons. We must remember that when many of these rules where put in place humanity was still mostly made up of wondering tribes of nomadic herders. So many of these rules really had to do more with over all health issues. Triginosis is a bug that humans can get from under cooked pork and is quite deadly; interestingly enough the only other animal that carries that particular brand of nastiness is the bear. Some of the other Old Testament rules involved many of the same concerns. Later during the time of Jesus civilization had advanced and so had our ability to properly cook foods to the point that they where less likely to do us harm. That being said we still have a long way to go in regards to making our food supply totally safe.

But it seems that the ability we have to dine on a vast variety of the natural bounties of the earth are not good enough. Well maybe I should restate that, good enough just not profitable enough. So here in the US we have narrowed ourselves down dramatically in what we eat. Beef, Pork and Chicken are our general staples. Some seafood or fresh water fish and the occasional turkey make there way into the diets of most Americans. But the big three Beef, Pork and Chicken are far and away the majority of what most of us eat. And in order to push the profitability of the biological organisms we choose to narrowly dine upon we have started adding all kinds of chemicals to them. Antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids. Does anyone else find it strange that we are far more worked up over a guy taking steroids to hit a baseball or ride a bike than we are about putting them into our freaking food?
And now the ultimate with GMO’s

Please someone explain how just with the regular stuff we have in the world to sustain us we have decided we are better off mucking with DNA and adding things together that have no business being together, other than for the sake of business that is. We have seen explosions of various health problems from obesity to diabetes to autism and we do not choose to add together the facts. Even when corporate America is willing to spend tons and tons of cash so they do not have to label the GMO’s. Welcome to America, one a great experiment in freedom, now just a damn science experiment.