Don’t make me release the flying monkeys

In the immortal words of the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz “Whataworld, whataworld, whataworld” and yes she was saying this while melting away from the water. Many times I have heard people say, “If she could be destroyed by water why did she have any in the castle that was just dumb.”

Well let’s look at how “dumb” the old witch was compared to us geniuses in “the real world”. The witch kept a substance that could quickly destroy her in her home. We on the other hand have allowed agribusiness to taint our food. We have not only allowed them to taint our food with chemicals and genetic creations never intended by God or nature, we have made it so we can’t even be told when it has been done. Nor can we take them to court to stop testing or producing something. Yep in the land of the free we have now taken choice away from the individual and given it to the corporations instead.

So at this point I am starting to think that the witch had to have the bucket of water on hand, probably due to fire codes in Oz. Regardless of the fact that it was potentially hazardous to her. Hmm sounds kind of like the USA today in a very strange and sad way.

So I guess that the old witch was not as dumb as we all thought. Perhaps she was just the victim of overzealous legislatures who were doing their level best to make the world a better place for the Oz unlimited insurance companies and the United Oz water company. I am sure that the Emerald City PETA group had protested the conditions the flying monkeys lived in, and possibly even the uniforms they had to wear. Unions obviously had control of the witch’s guard. Yes ladies and gentleman the witch was a victim not only of her own shoe fetish but the extreme liberalization and over legislation of OZ.


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I am a scholar and a preacher. I am a father, husband and friend. I have served my country and cussed my government and will continue to do both. I enjoy writing and you never know what you might find here in my posts. I will write about everything from my biblical opinion to scientific musings potentially bad stories to editorials about public policy and international affairs. I suppose that is blogging in general, if you like it great, if you don’t go somewhere else, if you disagree with me, great I love a good discussion. Hell might just find me ranting to the shadows in the corner. Kinda like I think I am doing now. And if my punctuation irritates you, that makes me happy.

5 responses to “Don’t make me release the flying monkeys”

  1. AR Neal says :

    I immediately heard the “flying monkey” music when I started reading. Great post!

  2. psychologistmimi says :

    What an interesting take!

  3. Julie Israel says :

    Impressive metaphor.

  4. Russel Ray Photos says :

    Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

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