The Enhanced Geothermal Engineering Energy Source

simple yet effective we need more of this type of idea

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Published June 11, 2013

By Dr. Tyra Oldham, LANDsds Sustainable Voice News


The research to identify the energy payload is set through underground or above ground solutions such as, nuclear to derive energy  bang. The contrasts are the effects of the earth’s core, distribution of water resources and the environmental effects caused by disruption and process. The look at “Creating Artificial Geothermal Spots to Power the US” is one source of energy to be studied.

Oil Price states, “Traditional geothermal engineering generates renewable energy by tapping into naturally occurring reservoirs of water that have been heated by geothermal energy within deep within the Earth’s crust. It is clean and renewable, but unfortunately the number of locations around the world that has the required geology to build geothermal power plants, are very limited.”

The energy dilemma is mental conversion to political support. The biggest pockets often…

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