Cover Crops – They’re all the rage


Little Home in the Big City

I mentioned yesterday that I pulled up the Idagold mustard I had seeded earlier in the spring on a newly-broken patch of garden. Not only was it fun and attractive to watch as it grew…it did an AMAZING job of loosening the compacted clay soil. I was seriously shocked. In fact, it looked so good that I decided to use that space to plant my peppers in and free up some room in the other two garden.

Check out that crumb!

My only regret is that I didn’t seed my entire garden in the stuff! Lesson learned: when dealing with clay soils, buy cover crops in bulk and go to town! It also makes a great mulch for my potatoes – apparently, it helps repeal pests that commonly bother them.

Have you ever tried a cover crop? If not, you should!

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