U.S News and World Report writer Susan Mulligan has a problem with junior members of Congress taking their senior members to task. In her article (http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/susan-milligan/2013/03/15/ted-cruzs-patronizing-constitutional-lesson-for-dianne-feinstein) Ms. Mulligan takes Junior Senator from Texas Ted Cruz to task over his less than respectful tone toward Senior California Senator Dianne Feinstein. Ms. Mulligan even decries the filibuster of Rand Paul over the wording about drone strikes from a few weeks ago.

Personally I would have to tell Ms. Mulligan that the status of a Senior Senator is irrelevant. When they are wrong they are wrong regardless of how long they have been wrong. And Lord knows Feinstein has been wrong a long time. And Rand Paul’s demonstration, even though Senior Senators Graham and McCain criticized him for it, produced results. Yes the administration finally came out and said they would not use the drones on Americans on American soil.

I will take a disrespectful junior senator who is right over a senior senator who is wrong any day. And although many members of Congress are due a level of respect over the accomplishments and service throughout their lives Dianne Feinstein is not one of them. All I can say at this point is go junior go stick to your guns, or it might cost us ours.


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