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Street Trees provide…

And the first thing they do when bulding a house is take down mature trees, duh


I think I found the initial link on a blog that was posted by Adrian McGregor,  McGregor Coxall Architects.

A picture speaks a thousand words and here’s one that speaks thousands of $:

I-trees - Street trees provide

Website address:

Awesome work I-trees.

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Wake up and milk the chickens

Why the heck is there more outrage in the media over a cook using racial slurs 30 years ago than there has been over a President who has stood up more for our enemies than he has for the Constitution he took an oath to Protect and Defend? Priorities people, obviously ours are wrong.

This morning Matt Laure (?) on one of the morning shows was grilling (pun intended) Paula Dean about her usage of “The N word”. Why is this news, why is this a bigger story than the continuous drone strikes we are using to assassinate terrorists and everyone within a hundred yards from them. Why is the news focused more on Paula Dean’s stupidity than on an Administration that wants to open negotiations with the Taliban? And why, oh why, is the media focused on the usage of “the N word” when women and children in so many parts of the world are sold into slavery in the sex trade.
The media is using this, and other irrelevant stories to keep people distracted from what is going on in the world. If we focus on celebrity mistakes we won’t pay attention to stuff that matters. It is a distraction, and the media uses it well. And sadly we just keep on letting them do it because we keep paying attention to it.

Is racism of any kind wrong, absolutely? Is there a place for racism in today’s world absolutely not? Should this be a story that leads off a news report, sorry no.

Please people wake up; it is time to milk the chickens

Isn’t it ironic, or is it moronic.

I started this blog with the idea of using it as a writing tool for some fantasy stuff I want to write. I have tried to get away from the serious stuff of politics and sustainable resource management and religion. And as I look at what I have written the majority has been serious stuff rather than the fun stuff I wanted to write. The stuff I wanted to use to help relieve stress and write for the pure joy of writing. Yet nearly every time I put finger to keyboard it is generally non-fiction blogs about the stuff I keep trying to get away from. Grrrrr, so much for the stress relief of writing for pleasure, guess I should just be happy I am writing.

We will not negotiate with terrorists, unless we do.

The Obama Administration has decided to try and open negotiations with the Taliban. Interesting idea since we know how well they took to our negotiations when they were actually a governmental entity in Afghanistan. Now they are at best a movement, at worst a terrorist organization. And over the past decade I am pretty sure they have been considered terrorist by most of the Governmental bodies in the world.

So now the Obama Administration wants to open negotiations with them. This is another brilliant move on behalf of our new Secretary of State. And it has endangered our long term goals with the rightful government, screwy as it may be, of Afghanistan. Since we started talking about negotiating with the Taliban they decided, after ten years of getting their asses kicked out of almost every little cave we can find them in, they are a nation and thus have diplomatic status. They tried to open an office in Qatar, which really went over well. Thank you Secretary Kerry for giving the delusional more fuel for their fire by treating them like they have some kind of legitimate status, they are terrorists, they are not a governmental body.

So now instead of the very difficult task of negotiating a withdrawal from Afghanistan that would at least leave us a toe hold in the region to help keep future violence from going over the top, because let’s face it, it is going to happen. We are now pissing off the folks we need to negotiate with in order to negotiate with people, who by long standing policy, we shouldn’t be negotiating with. Like I said bloody Brilliant!

I thought things had gone from bad to worse when Kerry replaced Clinton in the office of Secretary of State and I was right. I hope, I pray that during the next election 1) the Republicans can at least get someone worth voting for, 2) that people remember what a cluster this administration has been and how bad the Democratic party has done overall while in power, and 3) and most important to me, that I hit a massive big lotto so I can prepare for the coming Zombie Apocalypse. I figure all three have equal shots of actually happening.

Have I mentioned how much I love Seattle?

If only every metro area would take this idea and run with it

Kismets' Oubliette

“Over the past few days, permaculture practitioners and urban food policy followers not just in the Emerald City but around the globe have been positively abuzz with news that a hilly and undeveloped 7-acre parcel of land owned by Seattle Public Utilities will be transformed into a lush, forager-friendly wonderland called the Beacon Food Forest.

To be clear, the future site of the food forest — thought to be the largest of its kind in the U.S. — isn’t located in some sylvan pocket on the outskirts of town, in a woodsy bedroom community, or in, gulp, neighboring Snohomish County. The Beacon Food Forest will be located less than 3 miles southeast of Seattle’s downtown core in the ethnically and economically diverse Beacon Hill neighborhood (former home of, by the way) adjacent to a large park. It’s very much an urban endeavor that can best be described as a

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Better living through chemistry…Or not

Over the past year or so I have been having trouble staying asleep at night. At first it was no big deal, five or six hours a night was not as much as I wanted but it was what I got so I dealt with it. Then it started going to two to four hours a night. That was a problem. I spoke to a health provider about the problem and she gave me a pill.

We did not explore why I was not getting any sleep we just went straight for the pills. First script did nothing. I tried it as she said with increasing doses until I got a good night’s sleep. Never happened, so she gave me another med. Same thing start out low work my way up until I could sleep. At the max level I started sleeping through the night. It was great I felt good the first couple of days. Then on the third day of taking the new med at the max level something strange happened. I got mad. I got real mad. I was filled with rage about nothing and everything.

Now being someone with ADHD I have always had trouble dealing with controlling my compulsions. Suddenly it was almost impossible and the compulsions where, shall we say much darker. I didn’t think much about it. I took my meds and went to sleep that night. I slept great. I woke up mad as hell. At this point I figured it was time to call the Doc because this was not normal. Doc said to stop taking the meds and come see her the following day. So I took off work went and got some tests done and we tried another med.

New day new med, I took the new, new med that night and guess what I slept great. I woke up feeling pretty foggy. Like my head was stuffed with cotton or something. I was not mad but I did not care about much of anything. The fights that I had started with my wife while on the Captain Insano kick continued. Come Thursday morning I was pretty much stoned as I could be; only it was not a happy fun kind of feeling. Come Friday morning after another dose of meds and a good night’s sleep I was out of control. I could barely walk much less drive a car. Unfortunately I was behind the wheel when I realized how messed up I really was. I turned around got home contacted the docs office and went to bed. I slept off and on for the next 24 hours. It was not until Saturday morning that I started to come close to feeling normal.

Needless to say I think I will be fine being tired for the time being. I missed two days of work and damn near cost myself my marriage. All over bad reactions to meds, over a problem we still do not know the cause. It seems that in most things anymore we no longer look for the reason for a problem we just click the symptom box and apply drug. If symptoms persist try another drug, continue throwing pills at problem until patient is cured or dead.