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A beautiful day

Today was a beautiful day. I spent the day with my family. We celebrated the birthdays of my wonderful daughter Kelly, my awesome nephew Jackson and the most magnificent grand-niece Sophie Mae. We did all the normal family stuff, ate too much really good food. Sat around and talked about everyone’s aches and pains, joys and woes, good memories and possibilities for the future.

My sister was nearly wiped out in an amazing kamikaze attack from a squirrel running from the dog. Far and away one of the strangest and funniest dang things I have ever seen. The squirrel comes down the light pole and rather than running away from dog and people it makes a run for my sister’s lawn chair. That was the first time I ever heard the actual pounding of a squirrels feet. It veered off at the last second to the astonished relief of us all.

And one other highlight was sword play, yep sword play. My daughter Jessica, my nephew and I spent time smacking each other around outside with my foam covered swords. Then the newest warrior princess wanna be the magnificent Sophie decided she should have a sword and join the melee. So I did what any other cautious self-respecting Great Uncle would do. I gave her mine and pointed her in the direction of her mother. She had a ball. Not many things better than introducing a young lady to the joys of smacking people with a big stick.
Such a beautiful day


Trying something new.

This is my first attempt at blogging from a kindle. I think I have found one more reason to get one. I do not think I would want to write a story from it but blotting might work well.

I am 45 years old, it amazes me how much has changed just in my lifetime. From vinyl to digital music from paper and ink books to this. Pretty cool really.

Then I think of my grandparents. Folks who went to school kn horse drawn Eaton’s only to fly coast to coast later in his life. I can only imagine how cool things will be for my own grandiose someday.


We have a serious problem in the United States. Okay we have several serious problems in the United States but right now I am just going to focus on one. The US Farm Bill, particularly the lobbyists who hold so much sway over the farm bill and its legislation.

Please do not get me wrong, I love farmers. I respect farmers and ranchers and all the wonderful hard working folks who feed the world. But what gets stuck in my craw is the way legislators screw with stuff and while trying to “protect” our “free market economy” they do things that we should be totally outraged about. Like making it a law that U.S. produced sugar must not be sold under 22.9 cents per pound. Yes making it a law, that is beyond crazy and it hurts business and farmers. Farmers might disagree because they like getting the cash but it also keeps them from going after other potential crops.

Does not matter what sugar costs on the “free market” US sugar is, at least 22.9 cents per pound. Right now US businesses have to decide if they are going to keep businesses in the US or move to Mexico where they can buy sugar on the open market at the regular market price.

Farmers need to be able to make decisions about what crops they are going to plant based on what the market brings. The US government should not be setting false market prices for any product. This kind of crap screws with everything we are supposed to stand for as a Representative Republic with a free market economy. Instead we are subsidizing industry and agriculture to a point that the markets we tout are tilted into the favor of the few and we allow too many to be screwed. This is the type of problem that has become an infection to our economic body. We keep going down this road and we get what we deserve. Most folks probably had no idea we are setting commodity prices by legislative acts. Just like most do not know about things like the Monsanto protection plan. We need to pay attention and stop allowing ourselves to become distracted by crap like what celeb is pregnant or on the way to rehab.